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Best Toys For 8 Month Old

best toys for 8 month old

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Hi! My name is Gent because I'm a gentle soul! No one is quite sure what I am mixed with ( I was found as a stray at an elementary school), but people have told me Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler because I have one blue eye & one brown eye. I have the softest coat and no matter what my heritage is, I'm as loving and sweet and playful as a puppy should be! Everyone that meets me, loves me. I'm about 8 months old (as of March 2011) & around 40 lbs.

I love to play with toys such as ropes & bones, but what I really like is playing with other dogs, big or small. I like spending time with my human family as well, but like most puppies, I don't like to sit still for too long. My foster mom thinks it would be best if I went to a home with another dog, so I would have a playmate. She thinks I would be happiest with a friend! I am trained to use a dog door & am not much of a barker. She says I don't have to sleep in my crate because I don't mess up anything & dont get into trouble! I am crate trained; though, I don't love it because I want to be playing with the other dogs. I am housetrained too.

I love kids and I love to go on walks and explore everything. Also, I am a survivor! I was diagnosed with distemper when I was just a baby. After several weeks in the hospital the vets declared me healthy but I still have a few symptoms of the distemper that I still have & will likely have for a while, possibly the rest of my life. I have a twitch-the muscles in my head and body twitch, it looks like I am dancing or have the hiccups all the time. Check out my videos to see what that looks like. . I am not in any pain & it doesnt slow me down at all! I also have some weakness on my left side so sometimes I fall over easy or need a little help up steep stairs or into the car.

Gent is in Maine and doing really well. We are working with our vets to make Gent as healthy and happy as possible. If you'd like a chance to meet this wonderful boy, please visit our web site here to find out about our adoption process.

gimmie. (1/52)

gimmie. (1/52)

This is Mans (pronounced like MONS in MONSTER), and that's what he is, my fluffy baby-monster. :)
You might have seen his pretty face around here before. He's a persian mix that's now 8 months old.

His best friend is our one year old Birma-mix named Sam, he would eat him up if he could! Favorite activity? To snooze in our flower bed. :)

Last week he had a little trip to the vet and lets just say that he's no more man than I am anymore. He doesn't seem too sad though, in fact I think he's feeling a lot better. He's been much more outgoing and playful since then. :)

This is week 1 of 52 in a 52 weeks photo project featuring Monster Mans. I want to keep and remember the time we have together and to be able to look back at it whenever I feel like doing just that, so no need to say that this project fits the glove. :)

In this picture I'm holding his favorite toy-feather, so yeah, that's longing in his eyes. :p

best toys for 8 month old

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