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Simple Wooden Toys To Make

simple wooden toys to make

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#105 Red Sails (read the whole story!)

#105 Red Sails (read the whole story!)

21-45. there's a story called "Red Sails" i'll write it here but first i have to go and watch the Pirates of the Caribbean 2 sorry :)

Red Sails
A story by Alexander Green (Grin), russian writer.
There once lived a girl in a poor village of Kaperna, near Liss. She was 5. Her name was Assol, and she was as pretty as a rose, her cheeks white as snow, her lips red as berries, her hair dark as the wing of the crow blah blah blah as they say in real fairy-tales. But this is not a fairy tale - Assol lived with her father, and they were very poor. Her father was a master in making wooden toys - dragons, dolls, and especially - ships. His ships were like real ships, with all tiny details (because he actually was a sailor once), and it was said that they were magic. Anyway, he was making his toys for sale, and once he sent Assol to the village to sell a huge basket of toys. Assol went through the forest, singing, playing as children usually do - and when she found a small river, she sat on the huge stone to take a break. And I have to tell ya that among the toys in her basket there was one amazing ship - with red sails. Assol liked this toy very much, and she decided to float it out to the river! But the stream was too fast (or maybe the ship was really magic) and the ship slipped from her hands and sailed down the river! Assol dropped her basket and ran after the ship.
And I have to tell ya :) that at this very minute a man came out of the forest. Someone said he was a wizard, or just a fool, or just a storyteller... Anyway... He was sitting by the river, relaxing after a long long walk, and suddenly saw a toy-ship with red sails. He leaned down and caught the ship with his staff. And in this very moment Assol came running.
I won't tell ya the whole talk they 'd had, but I know one thing - the old wizard (or fool, or clown) said Assol: "you're a beautiful girl, and it is so good you believe in magic and miracles. I tell ya what will happen to you. You will grow up, Assol. One beautiful morning a white ship with red sails will come to the town, and on that ship will be a prince - your prince. That will be your destiny!"
Of course Assol loved the idea! She went to the village, sold the toys, came home, but kept in her head the story of the ship with red sails. And since then she begun to wait. She grew up, became even more beautiful, the most beautiful girl of the village, but everybody called her a fool because she waited for her prince and believed in that fairy-tale.
Years went by. Once a ship came to Kaperna. His captain was young and beautiful. He was a noble man, passionate and romantic, though very calm. His name was Grey. His ship was named "Secret". It was a merchant ship. 12 days spent "Secret" in Liss, main town of the district. On the 12th day Grey was in bad mood. He decided to go fishing with one of his sailors. But it happened that he fell asleep and woke up when the sun was already high. He then went to the forest to find some wood for the fire - and suddenly saw a beautiful yuong girl.
As you've already guessed - it was Assol sleeping in the green grass beneath an oak. Grey was so surprised... but more he was amazed, stunned by her beauty.
No, this is not the end! :)
He decided to leave. But first he slipped a ring off his finger and put it on her finger.
He went to the town of Liss in hope of knowing something about the girl. And of course people in the tavern told him her story - of course in their interpretation it became a story of a slightly mad girl... But Grey didn't believe them - 'cause he believed in that beauty he'd seen in the forest.
When Assol woke up in the forest that day, whe was astonished finding the ring on her finger. Sudden doubts and hopes awoke in her soul, but she coulnd't understand this appearance of the ring... she came home, but didn't tell anyone about that little miracle - even her father didn't knew...
Day passed, night came, and then morning. The crew on "Secret" worked restless all night and by 6 o'clock they were ready to sail. Grey was on the deck, and he knew exactly what he was doing.
It was midday, and our Assol was sitting by the window reading. Something distracted her from her book, she sighed, stood up... and suddenly in the gap between roofs and walls of the village ... she saw a ship. A white ship with red sails..
She didn't remember how did she run out to the street, through the alarmed village, to the sea shore... she ran through the crowd to the water shouting "it's me, it's me, i'm here!"
And the boat came, with strong smilling sailors, and among them was Grey standing in the boat. He lifted Assol out of the water to the boat, and she knew now that he was her prince:) Promised long ago by the old wizard, or fool, or just a storyteller...
You want to ask me what can you get out of this fairy tale or real story?
I won't tell ya. Grey will.
"Because of her I understood one sim

"Wind in the Willows" Toy by Kevin Kidney

"Wind in the Willows" Toy by Kevin Kidney

About 15 years ago I made this simple wooden toy for a friend. (It's Cyril the Horse pulling Mr. Toad's Gypsy Cart, in case you don't recognize it...)
At the time, I was disappointed that Disney seldom made cool merchandise based on this film, so I decided to make something myself.

simple wooden toys to make

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